2019 In the Arena


Saturday  6:00 PM
Sunday     1:00 PM

From cliff hangers to back flip combinations Global FMX riders perform the latest freestyle motocross tricks to date. You’ve seen it on the X-Games and now they are coming to the Rock Creek & Boundary Fall Fair.  Family friendly, high action entertainment you won't want to miss!!


Sunday     8:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Gymkhana is an equestrian event in which riders are timed individually racing through a pattern or competing in games on horseback.  Riders are given penalties or disqualifications for touching, knocking over, or dropping objects.  Some events are team events such as the Cowhide Race and One Man Rescue.


Saturday Night Mower Madness


Saturday     4:30 PM


Find a complete list of rules, regulations & classes on Page 4 of the Exhibit Book.  

Registration at the Avenue Machinery Booth in the Vendor field between 11:00 am and

3:00 pm.

Arena -  30.jpg
Obstacle Challenge


Saturday       1:30 PM


Up to 12 obstacles, 120 seconds/rider, most points win – 1st, 2nd, 3rd payouts.

$15.00/rider entry fee.  See what you and your horse can do!

Limited to 20 riders – spots still available.

For info and registration contact Nadine Dumont at nbrewster@xplornet.com or 250-689-3430



Rooster Scramble & Goat Tying


Saturday    3:00 PM

Sunday       2:30 PM


Rooster Scramble – a wee flock of roosters will be loosed in the arena then the kids will be loosed to catch them!  If you catch a rooster you can take it home J

Goat Tying – goats will be tethered at end of arena (1 goat/kid) and kids will be timed how fast they can run to the goat, tie a ribbon on it’s tail and run back.  Sorry no one gets to take a goat home!

Info Board on fence by Mobile Dairy Trailer.

Prizes for all participants.

FREE for kids 11 and under, in the main arena