General Rules & Regulations



01 - Admission rates: Adults (19-64) Saturday $15 & Sunday $12; Students (13-18) and Seniors (65+) Saturday $12 & Sunday $10; Children (6-12) $5 both days; children 5 & under are free. CASH ONLY


02 - Camping rate is $20/night in park, $17/night in wilderness camping. 



03 - NO underage camping, all minors (18 & under) must be accompanied by an adult


04 - Quiet time in camping areas is 11pm


05 - All entries will be accepted ONLY on Friday, September 13th between Noon and 7:00 pm



06 - Agriculture and Pavilion exhibits will be judged Friday, September 13th at 7:30pm.  Judging is closed to public


07 - Early entries are encouraged, contact fair office for tags and exhibitor number. Please leave a message with your name and mailing address and they will be mailed to you. Clearly PRINT your full name on each tag exactly the same as on your entry form.


08 - Each exhibitor may only enter one exhibit per class with the exception of cattle, swine, open sheep classes


09 - No live insects may be entered


10 - If you wish to enter an exhibit you have not made, the maker’s name must be put on the entry form and tag, in care of you


11 - There are NO ENTRY FEES for exhibits; however, the livestock and horse events may require a fee. Check the category section in the exhibitors book for more information


12 - Home cooking will be sampled


13 - In canned goods there must not be coloured lids or any other distinguishing marks. Lids and rings must be intact.


14 - The decision of the judges shall be final. There will be NO TIED PLACINGS. Where there is just one entry in a class, the judge will use discretion in awarding either a first, second, or third, or no prize at all, depending on the quality of the exhibit


15 - The judge has the right to evict or disqualify for any reason. If an entry is disqualified, the reasoning will be noted on the back of the tag


16 - Exhibits MUST NOT be removed from the grounds and buildings until 4:30pm Sunday


17 - Prize payouts will NOT be available for pick up on Fair Sunday. The Fair Office will be open Friday, September 13th, for prizes to be picked up. Any prize money not picked up during this time will be mailed to the mailing address provided on the Exhibitor Form


18 - Night watchman will be on duty starting Friday, and while every precaution will be taken to avoid accidents or damage, the Fair will not accept responsibility in the event of loss or damage to any exhibit or injury to any contestants or spectators


19 - Request for display or sales space can be made through contacting the Fair office by contacting Vendor Co-ordinate at or by downloading Vendor Forms under the Entry Forms Tab


20 - Trophies will not be sent home with people. Name and year will be engraved and put on display


21 -Only one prize exhibit in any one class, either in the Pavilion or Agriculture building, is given credit toward the Grand Aggregate Trophy donated by the Rock Creek Fair Association in memory of Bruce Cuthbertson, or the Reserve Grand Aggregate Trophy donated by the Bridesville Women's Institute.


22 - Any tags that are illegible or exhibit in wrong category will be disqualified


23 - Aggregate point values are as follows:

               1st place - 5 points

               2nd place - 3 points

               3rd place - 1 point


24 - If prize cheques are not cashed within 6 months of the cheque date, they become stale dated and will be considered a donation to the Fair. New cheques will not be issued in these circumstances.  Cheques that are lost within 6 months from issue date can be re-issued, however, the fee for stop payment of lost cheque will be deducted from prize amount owing


25 - Exhibits in the Pavilion & Agricultural building (non-animal/poultry) cannot have been previously entered/exhibited in the Rock Creek & Boundary Fall Fair


26 - In the event of a tie in an aggregate calculation, the person with the most 1st places will win. If there is still a tie, determination will be made by amounts of 2nd and/or 3rd placings